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Our goal is to create authentic solutions of high aesthetic and functional qualityfor our clients, quickly and efficiently.


Our guiding idea

Our mission is to provide the highest level of service and satisfaction for our clients, striving to evolve and progress with every step we take.

Our Mission

Our vision is to push the boundaries of design through work and dedication, and you can be a part of it.

Our Vision

Our values are reflected in our relationships with clients, the experience we provide, and the professionalism we deliver.

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What is the purpose of 3D modeling?
The purpose of 3D modeling is to represent existing spatial situations (such as the current layout of your apartment) as well as future scenarios and solutions, so that they can be visualized and assessed before investing money into their realization.
What is the cost of interior design?
The cost varies based on several factors such as your preferences, the size and complexity of the space, the phases and levels of realization... We offer multiple service packages to meet your needs and budget.
How long does it take to complete such a project?
The timeline for project completion is not uniform and strictly defined. Similarly to the cost, it depends on multiple factors. Our goal is to complete each project in a timely manner without compromising the quality of work.
Do you offer custom design?
Absolutely! Catering to special requirements is our trademark and a fundamental part of our business philosophy. Technical challenges are opportunities for growth, and satisfied clients inspire us to persevere. If you choose to work with our carpenters for custom furniture, supervision services are included in the price of the Design.
Do you design for a single room?
Yes, you can engage an architect for furnishing or renovating a smaller space. If you need interior design for just one room, the pricing is determined based on the purpose of the room, square footage of the room and the complexity of the project.
Do you remain involved during the construction process?
After creating the conceptual interior design, we can remain involved in the process if you hire us for the Supervision of the construction works.
I have an idea to refresh my space, I just need some advice. Can you help?
If you have the desire to decorate your space yourself but need guidance and answers to specific questions, we offer online consulting services. Send us photos of the space, and we will schedule an online consultation to address all your uncertainties.
What if I don't like the conceptual design?
Based on our past experience, the chances of not liking the final conceptual interior design are minimal. We create solutions in line with your pre-project wishes, and during the process, you have the right to one revision for each room. Hiring professionals implies trusting that the job will be done in your best interest.
Do you provide furniture assembly?
Yes, in addition to conceptual and execution project services, we are also able to offer carpentry services. Our carpenters create custom furniture based on the Execution Project and perform furniture assembly in your space.
Payment methods and project delivery?
The interior design service is paid in two installments. First, an advance payment of 50% of the project value is made, while the remaining amount is paid upon project delivery. You can transfer the money to the company's account or make a cash payment. The project is delivered in digital format, suitable for printing. In exceptional cases, we can also arrange printing services for you.